Love this clear blue water!

I think this is Manly beach NSW, looking North

manly pano


201514 – Do It update

I have barely begun to view the information from the “Do It” program and so much emotion has come up. Unexpectedly, or rather might have expectedly, I found old stuff brimming over.

I got as far as the notion of the 5 Cs’s of emotional eating –

  1. Crisis
  2. Cultural
  3. Company
  4. Childhood
  5. Hmmm, can’t remember, will edit later

I would not have said I was an emotional eater until I heard this section. Wow and uh, oh. Looks like lots of sifting and shifting ahead. I notice too, how easily I put it aside rather than plunge deeper. At the time I thought it was because I was sharing the audio presentation with my partner, Andrew. I made up a story that he was bored with it and chose to distract myself in another activity (easy to do when sitting on a boat at the marina) Oh, and I also thought that I should download the audio and not waste my data allowance streaming the audio, so I stopped listening… even writing that I see what my choices and distractions were.

So now, in this moment, I have the opportunity to accept and love myself unconditionally as I take responsibility for my actions and distr-actions. Ha!

201512 – Discernment, Inspiration & Motivation

 Welcome to my blog. I am a novice blogger but willing to give it a go…I am inspired to use this media by my son, Ben Lewis AKA “The collection of awesome”.

I guess by it’s very nature, blogging is personal, so I will be honest, vulnerable and loving with myself. I also guess that if anyone is reading this, they will care about me and my wish always is for unconditional love and acceptance. I strive to live my life in this manner, holding honesty and integrity among my highest values.

57 years is a big chunk of time, lots of water under that bridge. Some of it turbulent, some of it serene, mostly just going with the flow…ahh the musings of an aging, would-be hippie… more on that in future posts.

My motivation for this blog is to share my foray into NLP (Neuron-Linguistic Programming) from the Karen Salmansohn program “Do It”. She has a webpage called – , I suggest you check it out. Just the other day an update landed in my inbox, it had the most amazing word in it, Discernment. A powerful tool for living, it places you at choice, always. You discern what you will consume (shopping, eating, information etc…), you discern what tasks you will undertake and in what priority, you discern who and what you give your time and attention to. Wow, right?

The “Do It” course uses NLP (Neuron-Linguistic Programming) for weight loss. But isn’t just about weight, it can be applied to everyday living. I’ll include a link –
So join me along the journey, I’ll keep you posted on how I am doing 🙂
I have included one of the “posters” from Karen’s site below. Although I am not currently struggling, the message resonates with me.